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The Health Foundation for Cieszyn Silesia

The Health Foundation for Cieszyn Silesia

The Health Foundation for Cieszyn Silesia is an independent organization supporting health care for the inhabitants of the Cieszyn area. It was established in 1991 and entered as a public benefit organization in the National Court Register (KRS 0000130105). The foundation is staffed by volunteers and only one part-time employee in the office (address: ul. Bielska 4, 43-400 Cieszyn).

All financial and material donations to the foundation are used to help the public health system, in particular the Silesian Hospital in Cieszyn, which exists since 1888. Unfortunately, the state health system in Poland does not provide adequate means for maintaining European standards of clinical diagnostics and therapy. Therefore the mission of our foundation is to modernize healthcare services in Cieszyn thanks to the help of individual sponsors.  So far, the means provided enabled us to buy a CT scanner, portable X-ray and ECG machines, incubators, hemodialyzers, endoscopes, surgical tables, lamps and instruments, treatment chairs and intensive care beds.


We would like to invite you to support our Health Foundation. You can decide on the purpose of your contribution and, in case of a major donation, you can choose to have a commemorative plaque attached to a particular place or object. If you decide to support the Health Foundation, please use the following bank account numbers:


Deposits from Poland:
Bank PKO BP SA. Account number: 97 1020 1390 0000 6602 0019 0280


Deposits from abroad:
BIC/SWIFT: POLUPLPR   IBAN: PL37811300072001003812130002
(Bank Spółdzielczy w Cieszynie, ul. Kochanowskiego 4, 43-400Cieszyn)

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